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If you like Angry Birds, you will love angry birds rio, new game rat to see Angry Birds in Brazil!

Help the birds far away

Angry Birds Rio should be exactly the same settings as in the original game, but this time AngriPtitsy save the poor brothers who were imprisoned in a cage, and adopted in Rio de Janeiro. Your task is to help the bird to avoid bombing the cell and break through all the obstacles, svojimnačin this fluff – or evil – Monkey!

Otherwise analogous images

AngryBirds Rio is very similar to the original, but, as we have seen, just because it is a simple idea, it does not make it less exciting. If you like this one, you will love the tropical taste and the bright colors angry birds rio and the famous sredstvavy game will shoot the birds and crush the cages before you know it.

Carnival style

Angry Birds Rio brings a dose of quality and interest in the game you know and love.