Solar Energy for Business and Government

Pay less for energy from America’s #1 solar provider.

Leading FEMA Energy Construction provider

AMK Energy Services is a national leader in FEMA energy funding and construction and a leading energy provider. Our channel partners national scale experience and world-class technology are only a few of the solar energy advantages that make us a clean energy company of choice for small businesses, commercial companies, governments, schools, farms, water districts and more.

Take control of your energy costs.

We offer you the ability to predict and manage your energy use and spend. Our customers buy renewable energy from our channel partners for less than what they currently pay for electricity with no up-front cost. These advantages of solar power allow you to secure predictable, long-term energy rates to protect yourself from rising energy costs and price volatility.

Efficiency in simplicity.

AMK is an all-in-one commercial & government energy construction provider. Our channel partner team takes care of every part of your project, including financing, custom system engineering, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring.

How a Solar PPA works

AMK Energy Services through channel partners, provides a solar consultation that includes a site survey and financial analysis.

You sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Amk Energy Services and their channel partners design, install, and connects the solar system to the utility grid at little to no upfront cost to you.

You pay for the power you consume at a rate typically less than that charged by the utility company.

Amk Energy Service and their channel partners continue to monitor and maintain the system while you save on your energy bill.

After 20 years, you can sign a new agreement or the system is removed at no costs.

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