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MEmu 2.8 64-Bit

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Memu simulates the version of the Android operating system (Lollipop and KitKat, with more on the go). It’s not about other parts of the operating system, which means you can run games and only Android devices. You can also move around with the Android environment to see how it worksOr what kind of test development.

Glory, but not beautiful

Keep in mind Android toemulator, Memu is not an appropriate option for some games. For example, although pokemon GO is launched, it is not a desktop GPS (orPrice) that is necessary for real walking and catchPokemon. Instead ofYou must compensate for this by using the GPS software for faking, which (as is often the case) of the game rules. However, with this understanding, Memu works perfectly. Simulates the latest version of Android and computers that can meet the task of the competition, two can play and run other applications.

ForDevelopers and users

For some purposes, Memu will not replace the phone. But, if you want to play games or have a specific Android application function, you can work from your computer. It is also a great tool for the development of SMALL applications. If you want to run Android on your desktopLook at the surface here.

RIOT 0.4 x86 x64 Download

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RIOT stands root image tool best, and this is what makes it: Optimize your to file size is reduced quickly without skipping quality image.

When uploading a gallery or onlineblog, it is important to ensure proper load speed, but it is also important to keep quality as high as possible. With RIOT you can solve two problems with one click.

RIOTgumagana variety of image formats,PSD einschließlichPhotoshop, and saves optimized images to JPG, GIF and PNG. You can level quality (for JPG) and reducing colors (for GIF and PNG) to select and evaluate the results in time real compared to the original,Thanks to the interactive side of the project.

Best results in RIOT are simply impressive, especially in JPG. You can use any image samabawasan one-fifth of its original size without any significant loss of quality.Remember, changing your before closing program stored, because RIOT will not display a warning message or image is saved automatically when you exit the app.

With RIOT you can reduce the size of the city while maintaining the original quality,So that they can be sent via email or published online.


isangError to paste from the clipboard solution. The image is shifted by a few pixels.

Set to wrong versionDLL toolbar, resize, compress, and size.

Toolbar must be activated by the application host after pictures responsibility successfully.

RIOT supports the following formats


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