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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 returned to fight for the thundering of the FIFA football match the best.

Since last year, the game has been improved, water animation and many ulepszeń.AI physics is bright and nature of each repeatedly held team outlet.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is detailed, excellent players look like athletes, are based on and absorbing the water, the atmosphere in the stadiums.

Competition for all

ZawodowiecEvolution Soccer 2015 has a lot of game modes: FamiliesValue between nations,Multiplayer online Master League, became the new club I am like FIFA Ultimate team.

The game has a license for the country as important as the Champions League, the European Super Cup. National League was included, but also without a license.

For beginners, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 includes skills through training to learn the techniques necessary to succeed in grze.Wiele of these games feel like FIFA said.

New sense of the game

There are great differences between the control of2015 PES 2014, but the improvement provides a better response.

OżywienieOdtwarzacz is very reliable, but there are times when they move in no way. Dribbling much better and faster players in the field is convincing.

Physics is a lot better, change the heavy balls balls feel the game previously.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 can control is more reasonable than FIFA and allow space and time for a better team strategy.

You can use the management system and the system can create konkurencji.Mogą tacticsTo be used at any time during the competition, which makes the game more dynamic flow.

AI is reliable and, instead of observing performance expectations, it adapts to the way you play the most challenging game.

One thing I like most is that the PES 2015 is capable of playing the game style of the team. FC BarcelonaWiadomopor possession of Real Madrid is the speed, pressure and Bayern are strong and unpredictable. This makes the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 feel like a real competition.

OStadium in the living room

PES 2015 offers a better image. Physical resemblance is amazingly famous player and small details are still showing impressive.

The atmosphere of the stadium is great, the noise of the crowd is molded, the density of crowd noise is based on competition. Involve the public to contribute to the realism of the game.

FIFA dethroned?

PES2015 is a great soccer simulator.

Konami is a few unusual steps to improve the game. The game is not perfect,But due to the small number of licensed employee, the outdated search menu, and not all life has improved.

These are little different from pain very funny.

The difference between FIFA and PESNawet small and not get a plot of land with Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.