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Stunned after his girlfriend left a day before their exotic vacation, Emily decides to take careful mother, Linda, instead. Duo-mom-daughter suddenly fell wildly outrageous jungle adventure. Although opposite poles, they will pratsyuvatycherez their differences to escape from the funny but unfortunate situation.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: August 24, 2017

Genre: Comedy

Duration: Not available

Distributor 20 vekFoks

Starring: Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn,Christopher Meloni, Ajke Barinholc, Oscar Dzhenada

Director: Jonathan Levine

Format: 2D

On how their boyfriends deposits ahead of their exotic holidays, energetic dreamers Emily Middleton heart convinces her mother Linda to go with her to heaven. Opposite the poles, Emily and Linda embody thatthey work through their differences, both mother and child – unexpectedly, lucucara – the only way to avoid the outrageous wild adventures in the forest tiePadnaa.